Attingal Palace an Unknown tourist Destination in India


Attingal is located in the north of Trivendram, the capital of Kerala. Attingal is town which was built in way back around 800 years ago. At that time Attingal was known to be “Chittattinkara”, as Attingal is surrounded by two rivers “Mamom” and “Vamana Puram” which make circle around the Attingal. Attingal Palace (Manomohanavilasom and Koyikkal) was built in 1305 A.D. and plays role of Venad royal familes women’s residence for many years. But Attingal Palace gained Prominence in 14th century when Uday Martanda Verma is on the throne of Travancore. He adopted two child’s from royal families of Koltharis of North Malbar. Attingal palace and surrounded areas were principality lies within Travancore Kingdom, and mostly ruled by various queens of Travancore Kingdom.



Travancore Maharaja’s mother and her sister received throne of Attingal. During this period of time Attingal was ruled by “venad” sovereign, After that there were only queens who rules Attingal.

Attingal Palace played significant role in history of Kerala. Attingal witnesses the first ever united rebellion fight against the Britishers. Many temples are situated within Municipality area. The famous Sarkara Temple which is situated within Chirayinkil town. You can also visit Varkala Beach which is at just 10 minute distance and also the Kumaran Asan Smarak which is just 4 km from this Attingal Palace. Kumaran Asan is the most famous poet who wrote beautiful poetries.

How to reach

By Road:

Attingal at a distance of 32 Km from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala, and on the way of National Highway no 47.

By Train:

The nearest railway station is Chirayinkeezhu. Which is It is about 6 km away from Attingal.
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